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I graduated from Villanova University, and then went on to get my Masters Degree at  Westminster Seminary. I spent my 20s as a Young Life leader in the Philly Suburbs, then a YL Area Director in a housing project in New Orleans.  I moved to Philly in 1999, and have been here ever since.  I left Young Life staff, but have volunteered in churches and non profits ever since.  My professional experience has focused on matters of health and wellness, but I've always been in a communications role (sales, advertising and marketing, professional writing, etc).   I helped found the Philadelphia Gospel Movement and continue to serve on its board. 

Now, I want to bring my loves of the Bible, the CHURCH (and churches) of Philadelphia, and my professional skills together to serve Churches, most specifically, and also non profits.  One thing at which I'm particularly gifted, is to replicate YOUR voice (or style or 'brand).  How I write for one pastor/church will be a little different than for another.  I am here to serve YOU and communicate with YOUR audience, through all these avenues.

Personally, my life, like many, has had it's joy and tragedy.  But Thank God that He ROMANS 8 : 28's EVERYTHING.  And, now, the closing of 1 door is the opening of another.  

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