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Philadelphia Churches 

REACH Your Audience

GROW Your Audience

If your church did not have a digital strategy before the Covid 19 stay-at-home order, you may have suddenly realized a need for one.  But, an effective digital presence is not just about streaming a Sunday sermon.  Done well, a digital strategy can help you reach people of ALL ages, and almost every walk of life.  

  • Millennials and GenZ are wired.  The sooner we realize that, the better we can tap in with them.

  • Education, Meetings, and Group Experiences are all happening online.  

  • The elderly are discovering how to connect with family and friends through their devices.  

  • Shut-ins and hospitalized are no longer restricted to simply watching what's on TV.


YOUR CHURCH CAN BECOME PART OF PEOPLE'S INDIVIDUAL & GROUP EXPERIENCES a strategic digital footprint can provide a way for you to:

  • participate in the day-to-day spiritual growth of your congregants 

  • reach new audiences of all ages

  • share the gospel with people who do not yet know Jesus!


Digital Tools For Churches?


Social Media can be a powerful means of connecting with your congregants, encouraging their walks with Christ, and even giving them tools to pray, grow, worship, and share their faith with others.   It is also a means of sharing Christ's love with people beyond your congregation.

  • Posts can be pictures,  pictorial (pictures with words graphically on them), text, or video.  

  • Pastors can  log in on their phones and post short video messages to stay in touch with congregations and followers.  

  • Facebook Live can be used for a live Sunday morning experience


Here. you can share your video of sermons, worship experiences, prayers, and words of encouragement from you or other Church Staff, and even testimonials of God's work in your congregants' lives.  Subscribers are notified every time you post.  Other people can find the content in many ways.  It is a means by which you can minister to people who can't get to your church building, or your congregants can share the messages with people who might not otherwise come to your church, or any church at all.   Content is stored here, so you can link to it from your website social media platforms, or emails.


Though many people are engaging with social media, many are haphazard about it, or don't use it at all.  But even the most elderly or people busy at work are reading email.  Creating a subscription of people who receive your daily devotional or word of encouragement can be a powerful way to give people cause to pause and engage with Jesus.   Many people who engage with such emails also forward it on to someone they think will be blessed by it as well. 


If you don't already have a way for people to tithe or donate online or through an app, now is the time to get one.  There are a few options, but this does not have to be an overwhelming task.  


Even the smallest church will benefit from a website.  People of all ages and walks of life depend on websites for information both about you organization and also to find things for their betterment.  Your website can provide a platform to engage with your congregants and others who would have never known about you and your work.   


A monthly newsletter is a great way to sum up what's happening with your ministry.  People get the important updates and a message from the Pastor whether or not they see it elsewhere.    Live Links can be added that take people to your website, YouTube, Social Media, and Eventbrite when relevant.   This can be easily redesigned for Print, and distributed to those who may not have internet.


Whether through zoom, google meetups or other platforms, online meetings are how we're connecting during the Covid Crisis, and will become a more regular way to meet when this is over.     

If these tools are so powerful in our age, why are you not using them?  

Probably because they require a large learning curve for those who don't know how to use them , and they are TIME CONSUMING even for those who DO know how to use them.  Hiring an agency to do it for you is EXPENSIVE



Digital Communications Services & Packages

Monthly Package #1

Social Media Manager


SOCIAL MEDIA - 7 Posts per Week

The Social Media I create will be Pictures with Text, not just text.  That is why they take more time to create.

Hashtags# and @ are in the caption block, which can have much more text.  The Pastor and your other approved content contributors will have access to accounts to post as well  

  • 1 DAILY Sermon Related PICTURE Post, M-F  (5 per week) on the platforms you use

  • Announcement Posts up to 2 per week

LINKS, #s and @

  • Links to Social media channels, Youtube, & Website in the monthly newsletters

  • I'll research and use relevant # and @ (which are different on each platform)

Ala Carte Pricing

  • Additional Ala Carte Services at discounted rates

Tools to grow your audience

Even your social-media-savvy members need to know about your social media and follow, subscribe and share it !!  I'll provide you with ways to get the word out (repeatedly) 

Price:  $250 per month

Average Agency Pricing on similar services is around $1,000 per month 


  • Design (for those who do not yet have a website)

  • Re-design (for those who have antiquated sites) 

  • Website upgrades and maintenance

Website Packages Coming Soon


Specifically to capture media for aforementioned services, whether staff headshots, event pics, or beautiful pictures of your sanctuary, grounds, worship experience, preaching and more.  


I mostly do video editing, but I'm well connected to other Church creatives in this space. 


Branding / Re-Branding


Event Marketing; 

  • Event Postcards

  • Event ticketing

  • Event Materials

  • Special Event website or landing page

Fundraiser marketing pieces, end of year reports, etc.


Do you want to start sharing testimonies of people in your congregation?   I can conduct interviews and turn them into content for any or all of your platforms.

Monthly Package #2




  • Daily Sermon Related Posts Sermon notes or recording must be provided

  • Announcement Posts - you provide the information, I'll create the posts

  • Up to 3 Video Posts  If you video your sermon, I'll create 3 clips from Sunday's Sermon & post during the week 

  • Generic Christian Posts : weekly posts that are relevant to your community but not necessarily custom to your church (i.e. verses, call to prayer, simple words of encouragement, or reposts of your approved christian non profits)


Some people read email who do not visit social media.  Reach them with a daily devotional.  This doesn't have to be intensely profound.  

  1. I can convert sermon and social media content 

  2. I can work with you to stockpile your content through dictation, sermon notes, or other methods, and turn them into daily devotionals for your mailing list.  


I'll work with you to create a template for your newsletter, then I can put it together and send it for you monthly. 


Same as Just the basics, PLUS

  • links in your daily devotional email


  • Blogs significantly help SEO ranking.  I can reformat content we're already creating  into blog posts.  Or teach you how to post your own musings. 

  • If you do not have a website, I can help you design and/or manage one (see Ala Carte services)


Ala Carte Pricing

  • Additional Ala Carte Services at discounted rates


Time Tracking

I will track time spent on your work.  If I spend less than 22 hours per month on your work, I will credit you the remaining time which can be accrued and used towards  Ala Carte Services. 

Tools to grow your audience

Even your social-media-savvy members need to know about your social media and follow, subscribe and share it !!  I'll provide you with ways to get the word out (repeatedly) 

Price:  $550 per month

Average Agency Pricing on similar services is of $3,000-$5,000 per month. 

Do you need the tools, but then you want to manage them yourself?  

The TOOLBOX packages include set up and training for all your digital needs. and 

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Youtube

  • Website design and updates

  • Online Donations tools

  • Stock Photography of your church

  • and more. 

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