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Website Services

Website Creation

Is our church using Facebook or another social media platform instead of launching its own website?  Maybe you think a website is too expensive.  It doesn't have to be.  The expense of owning a basic website is about $200 per year or less.  And, my charge for creating a website can be as little as $200.  

Website Redesign

Does your church have a domain, but your website's style hasn't updated for 10 (or 20 ) years?  Let's bring you into modernity.  I can create a new website for you for as little as $200 and attach it to your existing domain. 

Website Updating and Maintenance

Does your church already have a pretty good website, but you lack the staff to stay on top of updating it? Consider things like:  

  • Sermon Videos

  • Updated Calendars and Announcements

  • New Pictures of Recent Events

  • A Pastor's Blog (weekly or daily devotional for example) 

  • Social Media Connections

  • New Features You want to launch

These all take time and know-how.  Depending on the complexity of your needs, weekly maintenance of your site does NOT have to be that expensive.  


Branding is not just for corporations.  Even your denomination has a 'brand' in a sense.  Is your worship a full band, multi-media experience?  Is it an organ in a stain glassed cathedral?  Is it a 'full gospel southern baptist' throw down? or a brethren 'somber and reverent' approach?  With each description, you had a picture come to mind.  Your website, print materials, newsletter ... all that you use for communicating - should reflect YOUR 'style' or brand.  

Believe it or not, corporations pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a team evaluate the company goals, target audience and 'vibe' in order to come up with not only a logo, but which fonts to use, which colors make people 'feel' a certain way ... Let me get to know you and your church and help you discover your branding.  Once you have branding, everything else follows - from business cards to newsletters to websites - we create based on your church personality or 'brand'

Print Projects

Business Cards

Fliers, Bulletins, Newsletters


Special Events Print



Ghost writing or Editing for Pastoral Projects (whether your writing a book or a monthly daily devotional or a blog...)

End of the Year Reports or Fundraising Presentations

Whatever you need. 

Special Events

Is your women's ministry planning a retreat?  Your choir giving a concert?  Your youth group doing a missions trip?  Special Events may need special materials

  • Eventbrite Event Page set up, reporting & ticketing

  • Event "Landing Page" which is like a mini website just for that event that is hosted on your website and attached to a ticketing platform if needed

  • Print materials, Social media announcements, website updates


What would it be like to have congregants share their stories of God's goodness in their lives?  Whether a testimony is one of salvation or provision, overcoming something in God's power, or resting in His peace.  

Whether they tell their story on video, or through an interview, or they write the story themselves, this is something I especially love to do.  After writing a series of magazine articles on Veterans and Cancer patients, I realized that I have a knack for 


Ala Carte Services are "ala carte" because each church's needs can be vastly different.  For example,  in some churches an executive pastor may have the ability to approve anything I do. While another church may need each item approved by a board, which makes the process much lengthier.  But as previous clients can testify, I work "at NYC speed" (much faster than average).  And, I am able to tune into each client and produce things that need very little modification.  

When You contact me about services, we'll discuss the project and I'll estimate the time needed to complete it, to give you an estimated cost.  

Standard Hourly Rate: $25 

Client Rate: $20/hr  

(for clients subscribed to monthly Digital Communications Packages)